Indoor Climbers Form Distinct Group

“Leisure” is a blanket term for any form of relaxation. UVM has gained another student club, one that promotes an active form of entertainment. The UVM Indoor Climbing Club formed two weeks ago. The group of roughly thirty students staffs the indoor climbing wall at the Patrick Gym’s fitness center and maintains the bouldering hallway underneath the basketball courts. They also plan to organize and sponsor a college climbing competition in the Northeast, and to attend others. There have been different climbing groups for years as part of the Outing Club. However, recently, both the indoor and outdoor climbers have organized themselves, and the indoor climbers decided to form a group distinct from the Outing Club. Indoor climbing is not as risky as outdoor, taking place in a completely controlled environment. Both employ safety precautions, but indoor climbing offers a more solid guarantee of personal safety. “I think that it offers people a really good chance to try something that can be intense,” says president Tom Smith. Smith himself has been climbing in and out of doors for four years. The club is open to everyone. Some of the members have been climbing for years, but a lot of the people who go to the climbing wall are beginners. Winter may be letting up, but we still have several weeks of mud and rain to look forward to. Go release that energy at the indoor vertical climbing wall, and let the Indoor Climbing Club show you how it’s done.