Intramural sports: Playing for the T-shirt

UVM’s winter sports teams are in the middle of their seasons. Basketball’s flying high, hockey’s skating tough and skiers are airborne. But for senior Tom Mertz and his intramural men’s hockey team, The Bombers, the season is just beginning.Mertz and his team are unstoppable when it comes time to lace up and play. Two out of the last three years, his team was able to win the intramural league championship, proving they were the best.”We were playing for the coveted T-shirts – everybody’s favorite part,” Mertz said.The team that is able to conquer their respective league is rewarded with T-shirts, proclaiming their achievement as being the best amateurs in the school at a particular team sport.”The first time we won it, the semi’s and the finals both went into overtime and then into shootouts,” Mertz said. “The second time we won it all, we just dominated.”The year that Mertz missed out on winning the championship was due to his decision to take a year off, but fortunately his brother, Rob Mertz, kept the title in the family, taking over right where Tom left off.When Mertz returned to UVM and The Bombers, he squared off in the semi-finals against the former champs and his brother’s team, The Untouchables, winning in style and utter domination.Intramural sports are a subset of campus recreation, offering the student body a chance to participate in athletic competition aside from UVM’s varsity teams.Most of the offered sports are split into different leagues, men’s, women’s and co-recreational. These leagues are then split according to skill, B and A leagues – A being for the more competitive intramural spirits.Registration for winter and indoor sports are in full throttle for sports ranging from hockey to broomball, even innertube water polo. The best part about intramurals? Anyone and everyone has a chance to win the all-admired campus recreational intramural championship T-shirts. Let the battles begin.