ISO Strives to Protect Free Speech

To the Editor: In regard to the events described in Jon Kantor’s column, I would like to set forward the facts. As a Comrade in the ISO, I may be accused of being biased. However, I only wish to put forth the facts. The incident began when Jon Kantor decided to attend an ISO meeting in order to fulfill a class assignment. He claimed that he would refrain from argument; however, it soon became apparent that this was far from true. It can be seen that he has no intentions of trying to understand another viewpoint, but rather wishes to butt heads with his opponents. Kantor has taken it upon himself to personally attack members. Does this sound like someone who wishes to gain insight into other political ideologies? The issue at hand here is really the need for free speech. Everyone in the ISO is committed to promoting and protecting free speech. However, ridicule and intimidation by those who wish to suppress this speech cannot be tolerated. Kantor supports policies such as the Patriot Act, which clearly strips individuals of their freedoms of privacy and of expression. How could he accuse us of disregarding his rights? We only strived to hold a meeting where everyone could feel comfortable speaking out, without fear that Jon Kantor would slander yet one more person. It should be known that our doors areopen to everyone that is interested in working to make a better world. Dan Traum Class of 2005