It’s All Good

Contrary to popular belief, good things do occur at our University. Yeah, man, face it: even cool things go down at this joint. All up in this grill, suupa great shiste bounces to and fro. For example, we have incredibly nice and intelligent professors. People from all walks of UVM life hold doors for everyone in sight. When you are stuck at the crossswalk with a bunch of people, you know you’ll all become fast friends in the midst of becoming roadkill. Fortune is ours for our kindly and unendingly willing housekeeping staff that never complains about any aspect of their job. We are blessed for such things as never having to think twice about where our toilet paper will come from or from where our handsoap will hail. Students in other countries would welcome the opportunity to even question when they will again receive toilet paper as implicit therein is the reference point of once hving had toilet paper. We never have to fret over our supply of toilet paper because there is never the prospect of not having more nearly as soon as we run out. Granted, it is unrealistic to think that we should constantly turn over and over in our minds the very particulars of our bathroom comforts, but, it is equally unrealistic to think that everyone has such luxury. Further, we have much greater luxury by means of the education we receive. Why are we afforded such luxury while other people are not? Do we ever stop to think of that? Rarely. Again, the reason we know what to complain about is because we have known better or, at least, it is realistic to think that we can and will know better. We delight at the prospect of picking apart the really rather great present and future unfolding before us. Why? Because we can. Because that luxury is ours. We scoff at the best. We never have to ponder what life would be like if our current conditions were unfathomably and unrealistically horrible to the point where we would rejoice at the notion of our very running water. We are blessed, and we know not what we do. We know not what we are turning our noses up at. Lucky us. Yet might we rally around our good fortune? Never. We are far too fortunate ever to be satisfied with the status quo. And may we never have the reference point of being deprived of such necessities as the toilet paper to serve as the housekeeping staff we currently take for granted. May we never be subjected to the living conditions that are our oppressed contemporaries. I would hesitate to say bredren because they are a hell of a lot more grateful than we