Jealousy Surfaces at The Vermont Cynic

Matt, I found your critique of the Student Government and me one of the most comical pieces of “literature” I have ever read. Not only the information you provided (which was mostly inaccurate), but also your obvious jealousy, brought an enormous smile to my face. The beginning of your article was priceless. Talking yourself up really left a huge impression on me as to how dedicated and invested you are in providing the UVM campus with a quality paper. Please. Have you taken a look at your product? Every week the Cynic, despite having 13 so called editors, can’t seem to produce a paper without the most obvious grammatical errors Everyone knows that you, of all people, never do anything “in good conscience,” so why are we to believe now that you saved the SGA from embarrassment all year by keeping your mouth shut? You never said anything because you had nothing to say. That is why your piece is an “Op Ed” and not a legitimate article. It is solely your opinion and based on no facts. One fifth of the SGA dropping out is an incredibly exacerbated figure. I’d be interested to hear where you came up with this number. Maybe using your keen journalistic senses OR possibly while you were sitting in the Cynic office late one Sunday night, thinking about how much you wish you’d run for SGA president last year, you and your posse pulled that figure out of a hat because it sounded impressive. Did you ever think about contacting these people to find out why they were no longer part of the SGA senate? You might have had a hard time because most of them went abroad or were falling behind in school work, so they had to devote more time to that. Your statistic about there only being one person to replace them was quite amusing as well. Funny, but I didn’t know you attended the SGA meetings to see the appointment process in action. Maybe if you had you’d have seen the other candidates that were not selected by the entire senate as a whole to fill the open spots. Seriously though Matt, your exaggerations made for some great reading. I’d really like to know how my “greatest failure” would be the upcoming elections. Do indulge me. I’d love to know how I will decide who becomes president next year. Last time I checked it was up to you, and the rest of the undergraduate student body, to decide who took office. I’m sure you’ll remember the entire election process Matt. I mean, last year you illegally campaigned for your buddy through The Cynic, almost disqualifying him from the race. Maybe since your goal as Editor in Chief is “to better represent the intellect, culture and spirit existing on UVM campus” you should talk to some of the students involved in the SGA for once. Instead of making up facts and refusing to publish the articles we submit. I find it hilarious that you try to stand along side the clubs and organizations on campus to “sympathize” with them about what it is like to be a club, when every day you are in the SGA office trying to bend the rules and request special permission. I’ve heard you say numerous times that you think the Cynic should be on a different level than other clubs, that you should get special attention, that you should be able to do things that all other clubs are not allowed to. Maybe if you spent half of the time researching your articles rather than trying to stir up trouble, the Cynic would be a quality read and you could live up to your goals for the Cynic. Thanks for that final laugh Matt.