John Mejia announces end of hunger strike

Brandon Arcari, Assistant Breaking News Editor

John Mejia ended their hunger strike after seven days.

Mejia made the announcement at a rally by NoNames for Justice on the fourth floor of the Davis Center Feb. 23.

Mejia, who has been striking since Feb. 16, said they were stopping because their slow death from starvation was affecting the people they love, and that that was not the point of the hunger strike.

“I started this hunger strike because I wanted people who are supposedly our leaders to care,” Mejia said. “I wanted them to stop for a second. They haven’t.”

The strike was ended after consultation with their doctor and witnessing others not eating or sleeping at the thought of them dying, as well as that the point of the strike was missed by those it targeted, Mejia said.

“The point of my hunger strike was not to negatively impact my community,” they said. “Although I’m ending my hunger strike, I will re-engage and redouble my efforts on this campus.”