Jones, Ash elected to SGA presidency

The Student Government Association (SGA) election closed Wednesday afternoon, determining the new president and vice president — sophomore Bryce Jones for president and junior Kate Ash for vice president.SGA Elections Chair Seth Corthell said that Jones received 524 votes to junior Kevin Issadore’s 260 and Ash had 467 to junior Amanda Wong’s 360.Jones has been on SGA senate for a year and a half and was previously the Chair of the Committee of Diversity, Equity and Environmental Ethics (CODEE).”The students need a leader who is willing to take SGA forward, not only to be an open avenue to all students, but one who is welcoming to all who come,” Jones said. “The president is elected by the students, to work for the students.””Something that is very important to me is that the ‘fun’ doesn’t get too far away,” Jones said. “I want to make sure that we remain a happy and excited student body.”According to Jones’ platform, as president he will focus on improving the reputation of SGA through better service to students, as well as promote solidarity and justice.This is Ash’s second year with the SGA, serving as a senator on the Student Action Committee.”I believe that it takes a person with unique skills in creating connections, management and creative thinking to drive a productive force such as the SGA,” Ash said.”As vice president I will work towards empowering students and make unique connections I think are necessary to the role of the SGA leadership,” Ash said. “This outreach is crucial to the relationship between students and the SGA and one that I am confident and prepared to begin.”According to Ash’s platform, three important issues she will focus are the budget crisis, student safety and relations with the Burlington community.”I was pleased with the election,” Corthell said. “I think we had a really great election season and all candidates carried themselves with class.”s