Kick In the Door, Wavin’ The 44. All You Heard Was Jerry Hittin’ The Floor

Talking to my super-heady roommates recently, a particular question was raised. If the Notorious BIG were to have met Jerry Garcia, what would the result be? My Roommates argued that Jerry would be too cool to chill with Biggie, his genius far outweighing that of the king of New York.I Disagree. All of the Grateful Dead’s music sounds the same, like a bunch of junkies with too much money and celebrity. How can you take a song that sucks when its three minutes long, and expect it to improve by injecting heroin into your veins and playing it for forty-five minutes? “Dude, I just got the ’73 show at the palladium man, that [email protected]#t is great!”Give me a break. Biggie not only revolutionized rap music forever, he reasserted the supreme dominance of east coast hip-hop for all eternity. And most of his songs were freestyles, crafted in his head, with no need for a pen and paper.Biggie was a straight hustla’. If he were to have met Jerry Garcia, he probably would have sold him some overpriced heroin; or just beaten he old bastard up and taken his money. There would be no mutual cooperation between the playa and the played. Jerry would continue to wallow in the pit of drug addiction, and Biggie would continue to get paid. After all, he had nine nine’s, ten Mack ten’s and the [email protected]#t neva ends. Jerry couldn’t touch Biggies riches, intellectually or playalistically.