Kouaido faces forward

Lee Stephane Kouaido has provided an energetic spark off the bench for the Catamounts this season. Known for his quickness and shooting accuracy, the junior has an affinity for scoring when it matters most.No goal proved more important than Kouaido’s overtime goal on Nov. 3 against Boston University. The victory was not only UVM’s first against BU since 1989; it was the victory that vaulted the Catamounts to the second seed in the America East Tournament standings.”BU is a good team; they can frustrate you with double and triple-teams,” Kouaio said. “I just didn’t give up; I wanted that goal so bad.”Like the double-teams he faced on Saturday, Kouaido has faced challenges throughout his career at UVM. An injury ended a phenomenal freshman season prematurely, but with the help of his teammates and coaches, Kouaido refused to let the injury dampen his drive and dedication.”My teammates were always around to support and push me,” Kouaido said. “They motivate me to always do better.”Kouaido rebounded for a successful sophomore year and like the rest of his team, has gotten hot towards the end of the 2007 season. He holds the distinction of scoring the game-winning goal in two of the Cats’ last three games.The geography major has no plans for post-college life as of yet, rather, he is maintaining his focus on the immediate future: a home playoff game on Nov. 14 at 1:30 p.m.”We’re still in the process of meeting our goals,” he said. “We’re not done yet and as a team, we’re learning and getting better everyday.”