Letter to the editor: Hey Cynic, check your facts

  Dear editor, I can usually gloss over your misconceptions and minor publication errors, but after reading the Arts section of your Thursday, Oct. 20th issue, I have but one piece of advice: Hey Cynic, stop being so unequivocally full of crap. First, in regard to your Skrillex Cell article, the most obvious thing to point out is the caption under the image. The picture used is actually from Camp Bisco, not from Memorial Auditorium, and anyone with experience at either of these locations would instantly recognize that. I’m surprised that the picture would even be given photo credit considering this mistake, and begs the question of the source of the image ­— you stole it from Facebook, didn’t you? The Pierce Fulton article continues the atrocities; while both articles attempt to maintain a unbiased tone, I — and I’m sure others— take offense at the rash generalizations made by the obviously unknowledgeable writer. First of all, those who don’t happen to enjoy the pounding envelopment of dubstep need not make such outlandish drug associations. While I agree that a portion of show-goers have misdirected ideals about the value of these performances, I can just as strongly argue that many are genuinely impressed and captivated by the intricacies and wholeness of the genre. The writer of this article clearly has little-to-no experience with, and affinity for, electronic dance music and its sub-genres, and, therefore, comes off as rather undeserving of this topic. When someone only sees gimmicks and ‘womp‘ in what they experience, they shouldn’t even be there. Next time, find someone who knows what they’re talking about and are truly passionate about the music in question, someone who can simply conduct research and an interview doesn’t do EDM credit. Sincerely, Julian van der Tak Class of 2013