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People that protest at UVM seem to be confused as to where their ideology is centered. Let’s be honest, most of the students here only care about sitting around the dorms talking about “headies”while zoning out to the Simpsons or going out to the mountains to ride, ski or climb. This school is divided into two seperate schools really, one for wealthy kids from out of state and another for the kids from Vermont, who actually had to work to get a scholarship and pay for their own education. I’m not from Vermont, but in my three years at UVM, it has been this group which have evidenced any sort of intellegence at all. The out of state kids in attendence are frat-soroity types or white hippie dread kids. The only real people here that I can see are the ones from in state. Mass. is a sewer for Boston, and New York is like one long depressing re-read of THE GRAPES OF WRATH. A few words of advice for the new class: stick it to Fogel, learn something in the four years you spend here, and if you see someone protesting in front of Baily-Howe: bitch smack them upside the head.Cody Hamlin: Class of 2004