Seventeen thousand people attend Barack Obama’s rallies, with most attendees aged between 18-30. Two to three thousand people likewise attend Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s, a majority of them being the more “mature” voters.The only way Obama could possibly lose? All his voters party too hard the night before the election and are too hung over to remember to get up and vote. Yes, with an election looming on the horizon and eight years of treachery, increasing gas prices, war and tax cuts for the rich that have led us to the brink of recession in our wake, we, the future of this country, have a tough decision ahead of us.A decision much more difficult than paper or plastic, or boxers or briefs. We are about to decide who will lead us into the next decade. And with that in mind, I steal the tagline from Match.com: “It’s Okay To Look.” That’s right everybody, it’s okay to look, and please, I beg you, look.I’m not going to drop a bunch of facts and figures on you like the media will, but I will drop these three bombshells on you: Hillary’s promise of universal healthcare without raising taxes is impossible. Every country that has universal Healthcare has had to increase taxes first in order to pay for it. Obama wants to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050. A great idea but by the time 2050 is here you and I will have grandkids and hopefully be retired. 2050?The time to act is now, why not 80 percent reduction by 2010?McCain thinks we can still win in Iraq, not because he believes in the Iraqis and their democracy, but because America has “vital interests” in the region and America refuses to give up the fight.And then, there are the outside candidates, Ron Paul and Ralph Nader. Ron Paul is your perfect candidate: antiwar, anti-Bush, anti-big government and anti-Federal taxes.Wait, anti-Federal taxes? Isn’t he a congressman?That’s right everyone, Federal taxes have been paying his salary since 1976. So much for him. And as for RalphNader, well you all remember what happened in 2000, don’t you?As you can see, I’m not telling you who to vote for. I’m just telling you to think before you vote and that it’s okay to look.