Looking to Score

I’ve got something for youUVMHow about thisUVMI couldn’t care less forAll your gallantryYour women don’t smile.Where’s yourFree loveAt?!Queens of the desolate”Middle Dimension”Are without an Erogenous zone.Blessed Are we who haveSinned against-I stole a hugWhich wasMy only score.You need marks,That be a Farce on simplicity.Competition got us This far…I swing for yourFat friend Every, Single, Time.That is,If you dare to careFor one, or should I Say deign.Breaking my heart isEasy.I’m wide open.Pass me the ballAnd I,With a diving Header, will ScoreWithout hesitation.No.Your cat callsAre all tooAppropriateBeing thatI might want someButI can’t get none.”The only ones for me are the mad ones. Mad to live, mad to talk, mad to breath. Desirous of everything at the same time.”Jack Kerouc