Maintenance Workers Union Holds Hold Membership Meeting, More

UE Local 267 announced a membership meeting to be held on Thursday, February 5 4 p.m. in the Martin Luther King, Jr Room in Billings Student Center. The Agenda will consist of the following: * Electing Broadbanding Negotiating Committee * Constitutional Changes * Elect District Council Delegates * UE-Vermont Political Action Day * National UE Politcal Action Conf. * Elections Committee * Grievance Reports As part of our contract, the University agreed that it would meet with a Union Negotiating Committee to bargain over how and if the current classification system would change. The Human Resources department has sent out an e-mail message saying that it is going ahead with Broadbanding (changing the classification system) positions in what it calls “Administrative Support” positions. This group includes non-Union positions and Union positions in Athletics, the Bookstore, Print and Mail, Material Management and Property Control. The Union positions should not change until there is an agreement between the Union and the University. We will be electing a Broadbanding negotiating committee at the next membership meeting. -UE Local 267