Manager claims rumor ‘is a bust’

Employee claims that lard is used in the New World Tortilla’s wraps is a bust, Manager Izora Sandler said. At the beginning of this semester, senior Amanda Marino said she heard that New World Tortilla used animal fat in their products and questioned an employee about the rumor. “I went to New World Tortilla and before I ordered my burrito I asked them if they had lard in their tortillas, and they said they did,” Marino said. Marino said she found out about this from a friend who she referred to as a “devoted vegan,” and who was outraged about the animal product’s presence in the tortillas. “Its just the most ludicrous thing that they have an animal product in a vegan item,” Marino said. Sandler claims, however, that whoever spoke to Marino was new to the job and simply replied on impulse. “We do not now, and never did, use lard in our tortillas,” Sandler said. “The employee who stated otherwise was new to the job and didn’t know about our ingredients.” The New World tortillas contain white flour, water, soy and other vegetable oils, shortening, baking powder, inactive dry yeast, salt, corn syrup and a few other ingredients dependent upon what type of tortilla you order, according to the list of tortilla ingredients posted at New World. Correction: Manager Izora Sandler was not spoken to for the article. Instead, night supervisor Erin Green was interviewed by the writer.