March 5th Anti-War Activities

Hi whomever is reading this- My friend (Amanda Friedman) asked me to subit the following letter. I’m not sure of her email address, but she wants it to be printed… Get back to me if there are any questions!Dear Editor, We the members of SPGJ, SAW, SPARC, ISP, BAWC and Patriots for Peace would like to tell everyone on campus about the exciting events that are going on March 5th! A rally will be held at noon outside of the Royal Tyler Theater with speakers, performers, and passion. Throughout the day, alternative classes will be held around campus on various topics such as the environmental impact of a possible war and economic alternatives. To find out more information about these teach-ins, visit the Billings fireplace during the day on March 5th. Keep your eyes open for flyers! In the evening at Ira Allen, here will be a big show of discussion, music, and knowledge to absorb. We just want everyone to know whats going on dealing with the war. It effects us all, please keep your eyes, ears, and minds open. See you out there March 5th! Peace,Amanda Friedman