Marijuana Legalization: “Protest” a misnomer

I read with interest the article in today’s Cynic by Julian Brizzi entitled “Marijuana Legalization Protest Remains Well Attended, Controversial,” curious as to why UVM students would oppose the legalization of marijuana, as the term “protest” would suggest. As I read on, I became more confused, not less. Was this a demonstration *supporting* the legalization of marijuana or opposing it? As best I can gather, it was in fact a demonstration (not a protest) SUPPORTING the legalization of pot; the only thing the people gathered were *protesting* was the current criminalization of the weed. Your reporter should reexamine his choice of language; in this case his word choice resulted in his writing an article that suggested the exact opposite of the events he purported to describe.Best wishes for the end of the semester.Sincerely,Shelley J. TregorClass of 1987