Marley Skiff support letter

Governor James DouglasCongressman Bernie Saunders April 28, 2003Gentlemen:I assume that the Board of Directors of the FAHC was not removed just to have their clones replace them. Yet it appears to be the case from what I hear. I cannot speak from personal experience to all of the people appointed so far, but I can to one of them – Rodney Parsons.Certainly you would not want Rodney Parsons on the Board after the costly scandal that led to considerable anger among the taxpayers of this State. Certainly you would want what voters want, diversity and a high sense of values in the membership of such an important board.Rodney Parsons is a surrogate of the Board that has just been terminated. In addition he is a heartless sycophant of the powerful who has little or no concern for human beings. I was a technician for years in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology where he is still Chairperson. I had several years to experience his dishonesty and lack of human compassion. Rodney Parsons would “embellish” applications for grants. Since I was involved with some of them, I called errors to his attention. He would just laugh and say that they were not errors. One wrote anything that would get a grant whether truth or lie. I became compelled to bring information about Rodney Parsons to your attention because of the recent actions against Marley Skiff, RN, who has been fired by the hospital. Because of her constantly exemplary work record and professionalism it appears that the charges against her were trumped up to eliminate her from appointment to the Board.Gentlemen, I have personally experienced trumped up charges that resulted in my being fired some years ago. I know what it is like and how difficult it is to successfully battle an ingrained power hierarchy.Rodney Parsons wanted to secure tenure for two faculty members of the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. The two men had received very bad student evaluations for several years and Rodney Parsons needed to have those evaluations considered tainted and thrown out. I was a technician in the department and supervised the lab portion of the Histology course that these men taught.I was accused of writing and coaching the medical students to write derogatory evaluations. A UVM kangaroo court convicted me on the basis of handwriting evidence yet there were no samples of my handwriting used and no student testified supporting the charges.Rodney Parsons provided the analysts with documents he claimed were written by me. The UVM hearing panel did not deem it necessary to make sure the exemplars were authentic. The Vermont Attorney General’s Office investigated and wrote a Letter of Determination dated December 22, 1987. It states in its conclusions, “In the instant case, the employer’s stated explanation, as explained by the transcript of evidence from the Termination for Cause Hearing and accompanying documents discussed above, is not worthy of credence.” I urge you to read this document in its entirety.There is no benefit to me in revealing these facts. I’m way over the hill now and what career credits and reputation I gained in 25 years working at the University of Vermont are ashes and dust. I only hope you will use this information to help people like Marley Skiff and others to represent all Vermonters on the hospital board. Thank you for your kind attention. Sincerely,Ruth M. Sprague, PhD Class of 1949 alumna and on staff and faculty for 25 years.e-mail address: [email protected] Burlington, Vermont