Mature Content is All Around Tasteful

The theater department’s newest faculty member, Gregory Ramos, will make his UVM directorial debut with the production of “La Ronde.” But by no means does Ramos lack in experience.Starting off as a dancer, Ramos performed in Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Tokyo and many places in between.Working in New York City, Ramos expanded his writing, directing and choreographing skills with “Evita,” “Ain’t Misbehavin,'” “Cabaret” and “Real Women Have Curves.”Opening Feb. 21 and running until March 4, the Royall Tyler Theatre will be presenting “La Ronde,” — and Ramos, as a man of experience, is confident in its success.Originally written in 1897 in Vienna, Austria by Arthur Schnitzler, the play is about the trials and tribulations of five couples that are tangled into ten different love affairs, “that all begin and end with one prostitute in a circle of seduction, desire and disillusionment.”According to Ramos, “La Ronde” treads between a drama and comedy. The ten actors performing are UVM students of mixed ages. They have remained true to the original script, though theplay will instead be in a 1910’s setting.When La Ronde first came to the stage it was shut down, deemed too sexually explicit and scandalous. Since then, the play has grown in popularity and has been made into a film and brought back to the stage.Though it has controversial material on the subject of sex, Ramos feels that removing certain material, such as nudity, from the original script would take away from the production.”It is how people play out sexual needs. People ultimately need intimate connection.” These scenes are crucial for the overall intention of the show.Ramos assures that all scenes are tasteful, and expects positive reactions from all audiences.