Meathead Productions: Schooling Skiers Worldwide

This past weekend the Burlington based Meathead Films family premiered two videos over the course of three days. The weekend was dubbed “Meathead Madness” as the exclusive East Coast ski production company publicly showcased their two recent films and organized extensive apr??s premiere parties. UVM hosted the events at the CC Theater. On Friday October 7th the Meatheads, headed by Geoff McDonald and Christopher James (better known as ‘Rooster’), showcased their 2005 creation, “Born From Ice”, to a full and rowdy house. Born From Ice is the child of the 2004-2005 season. Spanning the Northeast of the Northern Hemisphere, the video was shot on location from Mount Greylock in Massachusetts to the northerly reaches of Newfoundland and its little known gem, the Blow Me Downs (seriously). Following the premiere, which featured turn table specialist, UVM’s own DJ BLT, a H.T. Wellsian warp back to the eighties led by the sounds and attitude of ‘Martyrs on Tap,’ and an extensive giveaway sponsored by Meathead’s many benefactors, the Meathead family headed down to Nectars where the party really got started with help from Martyrs on Tap, A-Dog, DJ Russell, and Selektahmezanga. Meathead Films is more than a company, it is a crew, a family, a lifestyle even. The family has grown since McDonald, a native of Ohio, came to Burlington in 2000 to matriculate at UVM and ski as much as possible. Ripping and filming for fun catalyzed the crew’s dreams into a reality of major DVD release tours, coverage in all the major ski magazines, and national acclaim from the ski culture. The Meathead family released their freshman film, “Elevated”, consisting of 2003/2004 footage, in 2004. They followed this with last fall’s “Schooled” and have just released “Born From Ice”. In addition, the crew had been working on a documentary on skiing the highest peak in each of the five states in the Northeast. The film, entitled “Epoch”, is a dual concept, both making history and acknowledging it in an awe-inducing medium. These two films are truly epochal, for they, along with last seasons and all those to follow, have been dedicated to the memory of a member of the meathead family, UVM alumnus Alec Stall. Stall passed away last winter in a backcountry skiing accident while filming with the Meatheads. He was a true embodiment of the Meathead lifestyle, dedicated, passionate, good natured, and amusing. He is a tremendous source of inspiration for the whole family as they head into the future, one that is bounding with possibility and attention upon staying true to the East Coast and broadcasting the regions genuine technical prowess to the whole ski culture. The crew will be touring the East Coast for the remainder of the fall premiering the two films in 50 locations. The Meatheads’ fall 2005 tour is sponsored by their new distributor, Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS). You can check out the vanguards of the Right Coast, purchase all of their films, and learn more about the antics and actions of the Meatheads through their website at