Medical student office adds new leadership

  Paula Tracy, professor of biochemistry, has been named foundations director of the Office of Medical Student Education, according to a University Communications article.   Her new role will lead and manage the foundations level of the Vermont Integrated curriculum, which includes tasks such as evaluating the curriculum and assisting course directors in the administration, University Communications stated.   Some faculty members have expressed positive feedback toward Tracy’s new position.   “I am looking forward to working with Dr. Tracy in my role as a course director for the foundations level,” professor Cynthia Forehand stated in an email. “She will bring to this position outstanding commitment to students, faculty and the academic mission.”   Forehand also stated that Tracy’s new position will help maintain the national reputation of the medical school and will lead to continued opportunities for the advancement of medical education at UVM.   Tracy has replaced Forehand, who stepped down after 10 years as Foundations director.   Forehand will continue in medical education as a professor of neurobiology and course director of the neural science program in the department of anatomy, according to University Communications.   Forehand said that she is certain of Tracy’s abilities.   “I am confident that Dr. Tracy will be an excellent steward who will see and understand changes that need to happen and work effectively to bring them about,” she said.   Since her arrival in 1985, Tracy has become very involved with teaching in both the graduate and medical schools, according to the UVM website.   She is a strong proponent of academia and splits her time between administration, research, teaching and mentoring her students, the website stated.   Other professors said they are looking forward to working with Tracy.   “I am very excited about Dr. Tracy’s new position,” professor Tania Bertsch said. “She brings a wealth of knowledge as a teacher.”