Militia madness

University alum Britt Horowitz and the Mascara Militia (MaMi) make up an all female snowboarding group consisting of girls ranging in age from 14 to mid-twenties, including UVM students first-year Lily Calabrese, sophomore Hailey Ronconi and recent alum Jessa Gilbert.

 “I picked the MaMi team based on three things: snowboard ability, positive attitudes and the aura of confidence the rider gives off to other people.” Horowitz said.

MaMi thrives off of a mission which serves to bridge the gender gap in snowboarding, Horowitz said. 

“It’s not about being really good at snowboarding and being a girl, it’s about creating role models, and snowboarders who keep positive attitudes in a sport that is more male dominated,” she said. 

Although the group said it had no feminist agenda, the Mascara Militia’s message does coincide with a recent surge of female riders in the snowboarding world.

Horowitz said there were similar movements happening overseas by European film company Lipstick Productions, which released their film “Eurotic” this past November.

“Easily one of the best female snowboard movies I’ve seen in a while,” Horowitz said.

The momentum from this movement has changed not only perspective’s on women’s snowboarding, but also attitudes on the mountain.

 “I have felt that people are starting to be more comfortable with seeing girls in the park,” Horowitz said. “I feel like now girls are not as much of a [negative] spectacle.”

The ladies turning heads instead of deflecting them has grabbed the attention of the Cynic.  In the coming weeks, we will be in close contact with MaMi on the mountain and off to bring you full coverage of their travels, their riders and their style .

Keep an eye on the Militia and their park presence as we chronicle their endeavors in the coming weeks. For more information, check them out on the web at