Minimum wage increases

As of January first, the minimum wage in the state of Vermont has been raised by 31 cents, from $8.15 to $8.46, according to the Associated Press.

This increase makes the minimum wage in Vermont the third highest in the country, just behind Oregon, with a minimum wage of $8.80, and Washington state, which boasts the highest minimum wage in the country of $9.04, the Department of Labor stated on its website.

Some students said they are hoping the increase will help ease the burden of high housing costs downtown, especially over the summer when financial aid may not help to pay for living expenses.

Sophomore Giles Crelly-Byers breathed a sigh of relief when he heard of the new changes.

“Housing is pretty pricey here and it’s about time that the minimum wage was raised,” Crelly-Byers said. “Plus, it’s always nice to see a few more dollars in your paycheck.”