Misunderstanding by Redstone

UVM Police received a late-report that on Monday, September 22 at 9PM, a female student was confronted by a man while walking to Redstone Campus via the Redstone walkway (by the church area).

The male came up behind her, grabbed her left shoulder and asked her repeatedly if she would stay and talk with him. She ran from this person to her residence hall room.

The suspect was reported to be in his 40’s, 6’3″ feet tall, brown medium length hair, no facial hair, wearing a button-up shirt and khaki pants. He was described as having a serious limp which she described as if “he was dragging his right leg behind him”.

Soon after police services released a campus wide advisory, the suspect in question was identified and questioned about the incident.

Police Services was able to determine the nature of the incident to be something other than reported, although this latest incident comes on the heels of another September 22nd attack that occurred on Main street.

Both incidents have served to raise general awareness of the potential for crime in and around the UVM campus.

-VC News Staff