Mixed Media-Necessary, Not Negligible

To the Editor: I feel the view on campus is one sided. I respect the people protesting the war, but for a person who is trying to gain knowledge from all angles, it is very difficult. Therefore, it is hard to gain a sense of what is going on and form personal opinions. I attended the panel discussion at the Ira Allen Chapel on March 5 and was saddened to notice that only one out of six panelists supported the war. I thought this was unfair to students trying to gain information from both sides. If the school wanted a discussion about the truth behind the war, then it needed equal representation from both sides. Once you gain a sense of the views from both sides, it is important to a get a feel of where you stand. With the information you gain, if you feel the war is wrong, then protest what your government is doing. Do not protest for the sake of being rebellious, but protest because you have strong views and convictions on the war. If you are for the war, but do not agree with the government on how to approach it, then let your voice be heard. The US government is a democracy, and a democracy is for the people and the people’s voice must be heard. Love your country for the freedoms it gives you; protest its actions, but love it for the freedom to do so Ed KuhnClass of 2006