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Head of the Army gets fired

Secretary of the Army, Francis J. Harvey was fired amongst allegations of problems with vetran’s services and the detoriation of conditions at the Army’s flagship hospital, Walter Reed.

Tornados kill throughout the south

A storm system throughout the midwest and south killed 20 people. Deaths have occured in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri. The deaths come after 31 torandos touched down throughout the area. President Bush visited Alabama on Saturday, and promised aid.

Switzerland invades Liechtenstein

170 Swiss soldiers accidently got lost and invaded a principality of their neighbor to the north, Liechtenstein. Officials in both Liechtenstein and Switzerland are playing down the inci-dent. The soldiers were armed, but did not have ammunition

Iran and Saudi Arabia meet to discuss violence in the Middle East

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran visited Saudi Arabia on Saturday to dicuss sectarian violence in the Middle East. The meeting was iniated by Iran.

Emissions will increase due to Bush Administration UN Says

According to the United State Climate Action Report, a report from the United Nations, the emissions in our country will increase 11 percent by 2012, due to the politics of the Bush Administration.

Protests against Putin broken up, as 100 are arrested

In Moscow, a protest against President Vladimir Putin became violent. Police arrested over 100 of the protesters.

Stock market plummets

The stock market took a hit, due to problems in the Chinese market, marking the greatest loss of profits since the markets opened after the 9/11 attacks on the United Staes. The Dow fell 4.2 percent for the week and the Nasdaq fell 5.9 percent

Libya begins to open up to the world

Colonel Muammar el Quddafi spoke to foreign correspondants on Friday, and discussed opening Libya up to the world, but stated that women still shouldn’t do “men’s jobs” due to biological differences.

All information collect from the New York Tmes