¥ Attorney General Gonzales Refuses to Step Down

The U.S. Attorney General said Tuesday that the dismissals of federal prosecutors was done poorly but that they were legitimately and he will not be stepping down anytime soon.

¥ Palestinian Govt. Approved…But Has Divisions

On March 17, the Palestinianleg islature ratified a new national unity government. Fatah leader’s stated that they reject “all forms of violence” whereas Hamas’ leaders stated that “resistance in all its forms” toward occupation is “legitimate.”

¥ Colombia’s Other Hot Product

Chiquita Brands International agreed to pay $25 Million to settle a lawsuit alleging it hired a right wing militia to protect it’s plantations in Colombia.

¥ Homosexuality Based in Biology Says Baptist Leader

Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY., and one of the country’s leading evangelicals posted an article on his web site earlier this month stating that scientific research “points to some level of biological causation for homosexuality”.

¥ McCain Fumbles on Question of H.I.V. Prevention in Africa

Senator John McCain was asked if he supported the distribution of tax-subsidized condoms in Africa to fight H.I.V. After the question…silence, from both the audience and McCain, who eventually shifted the question to his press secretary.

¥ My ‘B’ Guys

General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs admitted Tuesday that he should not have let slip his view that homosexuality was immoral during an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

¥ China’s Central Bank Raises Rate

China’s Central Bank announced Saturday that it would raise the interest rate to prevent consumer prices from rising. Critics worry that this will further China’s politically sensitive surplusses in trade with Europe and the U.S.

¥ U.S. and Korea Solve Bank Problem

The U.S. and North Korea have solved the issues concerning a North Korean bank account in Macau that the U.S. froze some time ago. The resolution of this issue should lessen the number of roadblocks in the way to talk of disarming North Korea’s nuclear programs.

All information collected from The New York Times