Nationalism Universal

To the Editor: I am currently on a semester abroad in Dublin and last weekend I saw something that really disturbed me. During an anti-war protest of 100,000 people, the only person that tried to turn it into an anti-American protest was the sort of person I’ve gotten used to seeing at UVM in my three years there…dirty, dreadlocked hippie from America. He climbed up a street sign and attempted unsuccessfully to burn an American flag. I would like to say that I am in favor of U.S. intervention in Iraq, but I have no problem with people voicing their opinions. But for this kid who is clearly very privileged to be studying abroad in Ireland to attempt to destroy the flag of the country that produced him points to the ignorance of some people. Do they not realize that it is that flag that was fought under that gives them the ability to protest? Apparently not.David MontegariClass of 2004