New club wants to board

  A new club called Push Culture (UVMPC) may be rolling across campus soon.   Students have been collaborating to create a skate club with the mission of organizing a community of skateboarders and longboaders at UVM and promoting safe riding.   “The club will most importantly reflect the purpose for why we longboard, which is to get outside and have fun,” said Laura Friedland, a junior and UVMPC’s president.   Friedland, along with first-year Isabel Lazarus and junior Harrison Wolf, has been working diligently throughout the semester to create a constitution that can be presented to Risk Management and the SGA, she said.   For Friedland, the skate club has been in the making for a while.   “I’ve been thinking about making a club since freshman year,” she said. “It’s funny, because it seems like everyone I talk to has said ‘I was wondering when someone was going to do that.'”   The club will provide a way for skaters of all different levels and experience to come together for group rides and to escape the daily stresses of college, she said.   “As a club, we will be able to put on events around campus that will be a lot of fun to watch and participate in,” Friedland said. “It is a great way to showcase our skills and hopefully encourage other people to try skating.”   On Oct. 29, UVMPC held an event to promote their club, raise money and involve all interested skaters in contests and activities.   The club also hopes to encourage safe riding around campus.   UVMPC will enforce helmet use when riding and will teach safety clinics to make skating a more enjoyable experience for all on campus, Friedland said.   “We want to emphasize the unity among longboarders, skateboarders and the greater UVM community,” Friedland said. “By creating a club, I think we can only strengthen the student body here at UVM.”