New clubs recognized


To be recognized or not to be, that is the question. 

Two new clubs have earned SGA recognition this semester, while one new group, the Nerd Club, considers its future relationship with student government.

The two organizations that became officially recognized Jan. 31 by SGA are Electronic Dance Music Club (EDMC) and VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood.

SGA is in charge of a $1.4 million budget from which senators distribute funds to clubs after the association’s review of fiscal needs, Vice President Will Vitagliano said. 

To be considered for a club is as easy as filling out the paperwork because the SGA rarely turns people down, Sen. Trey Denton said. 

Storm Leland, president and cofounder of Electronic Dance Music Club, said the idea for the club began at downtown parties when club members realized there was an interest in the genre of music. 

“What we want to form on campus is a community, a network and a family,” Leland said. 

The group intends to bring performances to campus that utilize student talent in combination with professional talent, she said. EDMC has something for everyone, since it is not comprised of just one genre of electronic dance music.

VOX is dedicated to educating the community about justice to advocate for the protection of reproductive rights, the VOX Facebook page stated.

The club is in charge of organizing activities in support of Planned Parenthood, Vice President of VOX Jess Fuller said.

The club often tables in the Davis Center, spreading the mission of Planned Parenthood and recruiting members by handing out confections and contraceptives, she said.

Although SGA representatives claim that the process for joining is simple, some clubs prefer not to be affiliated.

Despite its large increase in size since it began in December, the Nerd Club is one such organization still deciding its place at the University.

The club, founded by first-year Stephanie Lupica, was initially known as a Dr. Who club. 

The group discovered that they had several common interests and decided they would expand their focus to nerd culture in general, according to their Facebook page.

At a member count of 50 just weeks ago, the club now contains 71 members on its Facebook page.

“It was a huge explosion,” first-year and club member Craig Walsh said. “We had no idea it was going to become this popular.”

The club’s focus is primarily the discussion of ‘nerdy’ topics ranging from Sherlock Holmes to Joss Whedon, and building relationships among like-minded people who care about these things, Walsh said. 

“We love loving things, and we’d love to love things with you,” the Facebook page stated.

The organization said it was in the process of discussing the desire to become a part of the SGA community.

This sort of inclusiveness is what UVM clubs are all about, Denton said. 

“We haven’t turned away a lot of clubs because they usually all have positive investments to give back to the community,” he said.  

Denton said that clubs interested in SGA recognition must be beneficial to the student body, contribute to a positive experience at the University, and show sustainability and seriousness as a group.

“We want our clubs to stay around for a while,” he said. “We want them to continually bring events back to the community for future years.” 

The SGA Finance Committee will make budgets and allocations of funds public sometime in March.