New Paper on Campus

A new publication will soon be hitting UVM newsstands. The newspaper, called the Wa-ter Tower, is the brainchild of UVM senior and english major Hazel Ryerson, who will act as editor in chief, and English and art history double major Elias Altman, who will serve as managing editor. “The Water Tower will be a progressive and humorous paper that will cover national and international issues that ffect our generation and the Burlington community, and also be entertaining and use-ful to UVM students,” Ryerson said. The paper will differ from The Cynic in that it does not in-tend to cover local hard news stories. “It will serve a very differ-ent purpose than The Cynic,” Ryerson said. “While we are looking to be a humorous pa-per, we also will have more se-rious articles like culture crit-icism and international news analysis,” she said. Ryerson also said, “We think that there is no such thing as a single perfect, unbi-ased news source,” She added that she respects The Cynic and what it does. Ryerson’s main goal is to present a paper with an “in-telligent, insightful, and pro-gressive perspective” to UVM students. “We want to make a paper that when you read it you’re both amused and in-formed.” Another goal of The Wa-ter Tower is to be short pa-per, starting with about eight pages, Ryerson said. “We hope that people will read the whole thing cover to cover in one sit-ting,” she said. The Water Tower will con-tain articles that are entirely humorous, articles that are en-tirely serious, and some that are a mixture of the two,” Ry-erson said. The Water Tower is ex-pected to start printing in two to three weeks. Ryer-son said the Web site for The Water Tower should be up and running hope-fully the end of next week. Once it begins printing, The Water Tower will be a weekly publication. Currently the Water Tower has over 30 students who are involved, Ryerson said. Ryerson said that she thinks the same people who read The Cynic will also read The Water Tower. Sophomore and psychology major Matt Ronan said that he thinks the new publication sounds like a good idea. “I like when The Cynic does national events because its perspective is closer to here. So if that pa-per is doing that sort of thing it would probably be cool,” he said. Senior John Evans said that he doesn’t usually read period-icals for his news, but said he thinks it would an interesting idea. “I think a lot of people around campus symbolize that progressive view point and would be into that.” Junior and environmental studies major Krysta Zam-broski said she would definite-ly be interested in reading the Water Tower. “I’m not a huge fan of The Cynic. I like to get school stuff in The Cynic, but it would be interesting to get a differ-ent perspective on national events,” Zambroski. She also said that she thinks Burlington has enough small paper, that cover local news.”I think it [Water Tower] could be a tough sell, senior and nutrition major An-thony Epter said. “If it covers international events, it’s going to be competing with regular newspaper. That’s why The Cynic has its niche, because it covers UVM stuff,” he said.