New tuition increase pushes SGA to table

The Student Government Association wants to know how students feel about having their tuition raised. The SGA has decided to postpone voting on the proposed 5.8 percent tuition increase for next year to get student input, Budget Chair Katie Rifken said. Rifken said she and Chairman Rob Benner have done a lot of work creating a survey that gets student opinion on the budget, tuition and UVM in general. “We’ve had a great success with getting students to fill out these surveys,” she said. This is the first step and it will help SGA figure out what areas in the budget they need to focus on, Rifken said. This is not the first time that the tuition process has taken student opinion into consideration, Speaker of the Senate Nick Monteforte said. The Board of Trustees lowered the tuition increase after student opinion showed concern for raised fees, Monteforte said. “This year we want to gather student opinion on increasing tuition and present our findings to the Board of Trustees,” he said. Some students have said that they would have trouble dealing with the higher price of going to UVM. “It’s hard enough with student loans. Now I have to worry about tuition going up every year,” first year Anthony Bacon said.