No pants, no drilling!’

While most people were bundling up for a chilly afternoon, 19 students were stripping down to their underwear outside of Bailey/Howe Library.   The students were “pantlessly protesting” and making phone calls to Ken Salazar, Obama’s Secretary of Interior, about BP Amoco PLC’s newest oil drilling plans. “As we gather on the green to make our call, students will go without pants to show that BP’s continued efforts to drill are as insane as not wearing pants,” junior Morgan Fisher said. The students were a part of the Greenpeace UVM group and have made more than 250 phone calls to Salazar protesting his support of BP’s offshore drilling plan in Alaska, sophomore Kate Kroll said. BP created an artificial offshore island made of concrete called Liberty , so that the drilling platform could be considered land-based and therefore legal, according to The New York Times. “It’s for a good cause,” junior Alec Morrison said. “These calls are entirely appropriate to stop the next catastrophe.  It’s ridiculous that BP could start making the rules.” The Greenpeace student network had college students nationwide make constant phone calls to Salazar’s office — but UVM members were the only ones to do it without pants, Kroll said.