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At 2:15 am on Friday Sept. 22, Charles Robinson succeededin gaining total control of the top sheet of his bed while sleeping beside his girlfriend, Sarah Mitchell.In what seemed to be a routine, late-night roll-over, Mr.Robinson took the portion of the sheet that had previously been resting on Ms. Mitchell and left her only with her rightful half of the brown duvet.”This is not the first time that this has happened,” lamented Ms.Mitchell who has complained of cold feet and lack of significantREM sleep due to the incident. “Once or twice, now that I can understand,” she continued. “But after that, it’s just a bitcruel.” Ms. Mitchell says that she will likely press charges against Mr. Robinson, which could result in his dual loss of input into dinner decisions and the use of TiVO to record episodes of Ultimate Fighter.Mr. Robinson denied all wrong doing during a vocal altercationwith Ms. Mitchell the following morning.”Her accusation was ridiculous and attention-seeking,” Mr.Robinson said.While he declined to comment on other specifics of the case, Mr. Robinson has been seen shopping at the supermarket andwashing the porch windows.Even though he has publicly proclaimed his innocence, he hasagreed to buy another top sheet in a little-publicized settlement deal with Ms. Mitchell.Sheet-stealing has been on the rise in recent months amongyoung and semi-mature couples.Dr. Alex Feinstein of the Harvard Medical School attributesthis problem to a lack of precedent. “Couples rarely talkabout sheet allocation or fair-use policies these days,” he said.The rise of these types of incidents has led to numerouscranky morning fights, persistent passive aggressive behavior and, in extreme cases, prolonged nagging about totally unrelated issues.