Now a hesitant upcoming freshman

I’m a senior in high school in Westchester, NY. I will be making the trip up to UVM as a freshman in the fall of 2004. I must say that my decision to go join the UVM community is one I made years ago. I always knew I would someday live in Burlington. (OK, quit the air-violin solo because the cynicism is coming up) Well, I have had this vision that I would arrive on Campus and be surrounded by hundreds of the world’s finest. I’m not talking about academics here, I’m talking about the humanisitic, treat others as.., community based, cultured, compassionate, intelligent personality that I have always associated UVM students with. As if somehow the Admissions Board could weed out applicants by their morals/ethics/values. Well I must say that had I never found the Vermont Cynic, I would have had a rude awakening. I now know that, while UVM is a wonderful school with many many great people, it is not a utopian society in the least. There are people there who have all of those qualities I thought I was leaving in NY. (i.e. selfishness, disrespect, and all our favorites…Ignorance) This not a letter of contempt, but rather praise. I am a bit more prepared to deal with my future, if you will. And, I am still very excited and proud to become a member of the UVM Class of 2008, but I will not be leavin’ my defenses in NY.