Obama will hit town

  Tom Sullivan isn’t the only president coming to campus this semester. Barack Obama’s reelection campaign announced that the President will be visiting Burlington for the “Obama Victory Fund 2012-Reception with the President” March 30.  Tickets are available for the reception at the Sheraton in Burlington.  The prices range from a starting price of $100 to $7,500, which would make buyers co-hosts, give them access to the preferred section and a photo reception, according to BarackObama.com, the president’s donation and event website. Though the Vermont Democratic Party has no official role in Barack Obama’s visit to Vermont, members said they were looking forward to the President’s visit. “We’re really, really excited,” said Jesse Bragg, executive director of the Vermont Democratic Committee.  “The President’s visit will bring excitement to the Democratic party.  We’re dedicated to the reelection of all democrats, both national and local.” Bragg said the money raised at the President’s event in Burlington will benefit the Obama reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Some students have expressed their disappointment with the location and its exclusiveness due to the price. “I was expecting him to hold something at city hall, a park or somewhere on campus,” junior Andrew Voss said. “I really want to go, and I know others that want to go, but the money deters me.” If the President visited campus and allowed students to donate as desired, he might raise more money for his campaign and get students interested in the election, Voss said Obama is the first sitting president to come to Vermont since Bill Clinton’s visit in 1995.  No details have been given as to the reception’s schedule of events or if Obama plans to take advantage of any other campaign opportunities while in Vermont.