Oh, baby

If humans were meant to constantly give birth to multiple children at the same time, we would have been given that gift a long time ago.Instead, we have this cockamamie “assisted reproductive technology” that just has this artificial feel to it.Multiple childbirths, or any childbirth for that matter, are not really an interest of mine. But when I heard that the doctor who artificially inseminated a single woman in California with eight children did it when she already had six children, my ears perked right up.The woman in question is a mother of 14 now. She seems to have planned everything out for her new family as well. She set up a Web site so that she can accept donations and even hired a PR representative – before the rep quit because of the amount of hate mail and death threats that she received.Looking at this situation, I can think of at least three things wrong with this picture.First, I don’t believe in striving for multiple childbirths, it’s not right. The risks of something, anything, going wrong are way too high to be that selfish to want so many kids. On top of that, it’s not natural. And if you’ve seen the photos of some of these women, you’d agree.Secondly, the economy is bad enough as it is. I’m a humanitarian, but when you’re pumping kids into society that is already bursting at its seams to provide for the expanding population as it is, people should not be allowed to breed 14 children. Lastly, and the biggest issue of them all, is the morality behind all of this – mainly on the part of the doctor.This same doctor implanted another mother in her late 40s, with three children as is, with seven embryos.She is now pregnant with quadruplets.Is anyone thinking of the kids? Sure it’s fun and neat to say that you gave birth to so and so amount of babies at once, but I think what people are failing to realize is that this doesn’t end once CNN and TLC turn their cameras off. This is a lifelong decision.What about the kids? What about some of the ones that have already been born? Last year, 500,000 kids were awaiting adoption, of them only50,000 of them were actually adopted. I’m bad at math, but do it out with me. That’s well over 400,000 kids still awaiting adoption and this doctor is implanting babies left and right like there’s no tomorrow. And at $10K to $15K a visit, this guy is making a pretty penny.I hope none of you want to pop out eight babies at once. But if you’re thinking about it, consider adoption, and if not, make sure you’ve got some good PR.