One and the Same

While sitting on a rock and people watching on Church Street, a friend of mine observed that everyone dresses in a similar manner (she and I included). She said it was like being at a Phish show, where people just start to run together because they all look alike. I told her that I also noticed this but that the real problem is that everyone acts alike. Not only is it hard to differentiate among the appearances of people, it is hard to tell the difference between their personalities. Upon further thought, I realized that there are four typical groups of people here at UVM. There are the ‘heady’ kids; your typical college kid; the typical teen movie frat boy; and a group that consists of every other trend (skaters, punks, our friends who wear their pants too low, etc.). None of these groups really deserve their own category. I feel the typical ‘heady’ person is the most annoying of the four types of people. You know the type; they have their freshly waxed dreadlocks, their liberal views, their terrible jambands and their cars completely covered with meaningless stickers such as “Be Good Family.” They annoy me most because this is what I aspired to be for a while. I grew the dreadlocks, I bought the patchwork and I listened to that awful music, but I grew up. I’m now past the whole ‘headier than thou’ image, but I’m stuck with the dreadlocks because I’m afraid to cut them. Now I get annoyed when I see people who are still into it. I especially dislike when I see someone with new dreadlocks or someone in the process of growing them. I instantly dislike these people and I feel like I’m not missing out on anything by doing this. I keep seeing this girl around who has some new dreadlocks and they do not fit her face. It pains me because she is a very pretty girl but those dreadlocks of hers make her look very phony. We should both shave our heads. The typical college kid is the saddest group to be part of. There is nothing special about you. You listen to all that fantastic college music: Dave Matthews Band, Bob Marley, Phish, Sublime, etc. Your CD collection barely differs from that of any of your friends. You occasionally wear a tie-dyed shirt to concerts. You constantly wear your hemp apparel. Your life gets consumed by pot and alcohol. You wear those soft t-shirts from Urban Outfitters that say such clever things as, “Gettin’ lucky in Kentucky” or “New Jersey-Only the Strong Survive.” I really hate to be the one to break it to you, but you come across as a big nothing. You’re impossible to tell apart from the fellow who lives in the room next to you. Dave Matthews, Bob Marley and Phish are all incredibly boring. Hemp is out-stop wearing it. Those shirts from Urban Outfitters are very poorly made and not worth $24. Please try to be a real person. The typical teen movie frat-boy is the typical college student to an extreme. It is unnecessary to explain this group because all you have to do is rent She’s All That or an equivalent and you will get the image. Sadly enough, these people never actually leave high school and they exist in the real world. I see no real purpose for them other than being irritating. The fourth group is the most diverse but I have nothing against any of the little sub-categories other than I feel like if you hang out with one skater kid you’ve hung out with them all and the same can be said for any other type of person in this group. On the bright side, none of my friends fit into any of these categories. They cannot be placed; they are not typical. I couldn’t just look at them and feel like I know them without having even spoken to them. There is and always has been some element of surprise within their personalities. And sure, I come across as having a superiority complex but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This might explain why I don’t have many friends but why I end up hanging around with quality people and not someone who is just another face in the crowd.