“One Homeless Man’s Fight For CLEAN Underwear”!!!

09/29/05 In Chicago, ‘Yuppies’ do aerobics in the brisk cold (spandex & all), on “The Magnificent Mile” to raise $$$ for new, fresh, clean underwear for ‘The Homeless’ . . . In Montreal, ‘The Mission Old Brewery’ Homeless Shelter provides ‘The Homeless’ with new, fresh, clean “undies” (still in the plastic) at least thrice weekly . . . In VT, ‘The Homeless’ have to “MAKE NOISE(!!!)” in order to have their “Basic Needs” [‘Healthy Food’, ‘Healthy Clothing’ (including new, fresh, clean undies) & ‘Healthy Shelter’] met! Ladies & Gentleman, USED “undies” (or NO undies at all) are “HAZARDOUS TO OUR HEALTH”!!! “WILL SOMEONE ‘PLEASE(!!!)’ DONATE ‘NEW, FRESH, CLEAN UNDIES’ TO ‘THE BURLINGTON EMERGENCY SHELTER’ & ‘THE ST. ALBANS SAMARITAN HOUSE’???” “MERCI!!!”, The Vermont Homelessness Eradication Force (VHEC)’