One Wants to Keep His Office in Washington, The Other Wants an Office in Montpelier, Both Talk to the Cynic

Peter Clavelle, Mayor of Burlington and the Democratic candidate for Governor of Vermont and Representive Bernie Sanders seeking reelection to the House spoke with The Vermont Cynic.

Clavelle is amidst a war of words with incumbent Jim Douglas debating such issues as job creation, healthcare, and taxes. Clavelle discussed his stance on a range of topics, from the war in Iraq and George W. Bush to healthcare and livable wages in Vermont. He was also candid in discussing the relationship that the University of Vermont has to the state of Vermont and what responsibilities that both have to the other.

The prolific Sanders has served more terms in the House of Representatives than any other Independent in US history. Sanders and Clavelle are strong endorsers of each other’s campaigns; they also have a history of working with each other.

While Sanders was the Mayor of Burlington he appointed Peter Clavelle as the Director of Community and Economic Development in 1983. Clavelle succeeded Sanders as mayor of Burlington 1989 and has served seven terms. Clavelle’s campaign lost momentum over the past month, yet the race for governor is extremely close with both candidates running attack ads. Over the past week Clavelle had to personally loan his campaign $19,000. He only has roughly $25,000 left out of a total $355,436 raised so far.

Governor Jim Douglas on the other hand still has around $250,000 left out of at total $603,646 raised. Bernie Sanders is predicted to win the race ease. His campaigning has focused on voter registration and getting George W. Bush out of office rather than debating his competition Republican Greg Parke.