Opinion: Freshman Frolicking etc….

Ahhhhh Alison Wilcox. If everyone were as secure as you. The one night stand, the constant random hookups. Who needs it you ask! I want to say it’s all a part of growing up. That it ends as you get older. However… I know more than a handful of adults who are still doing the same thing. For some, a matter of instant gratification because they don’t know how to want anything else for themselves. For most, insecurity! Hmmmmm… does that sound backwards? Don’t you have to be SECURE to get naked with people you don’t know every weekend? Well…. NO! Not when you are so wasted you lose all inhabitions and hardly remember what went on anyway. How romantic.Deep down everyone is looking for exceptance. Everyone seems to be “hooking up” weekend after weekend. Doing anything for a b-job. Saying anything to make a boy like you more than your best friend. Trying to feel better about themselves and feeling even worse the next day. Making sure they’re not missing out on anything or settling for second best. When in reality when you’re hooking up with everyone all the time… you’re making yourself be that guy/girl. You’re the second best to someone who has more to offer than one night of good looks (he/she was good looking last night….) and drunken sex. Isn’t there another way?Haven’t you ever seen those couples who are together and happy. Who don’t need to “hook up” with different people all the time. Happy… is the operative word there. First, they are secure about other things in their life. Sex isn’t everything. Second, they know something the “hooker uppers” don’t. (no pun intended)They get to have sex pretty much anytime they want. They get to try differnt things all the time. There’s no rush to try it all (and do half of it wrong)because you only have one night. Plus… they don’t have to work so hard to get it….or wake up with those pounding wine headaches. (You know what I’m talking about… that box of wine sure does hold more than you thought.) ha! Imagine how much time you would have to do other things if you didn’t have to try so hard just to get ONE person to sleep with you ONCE.I guess it’s all about what your own acceptance level is. What can you can you do without feeling like crap about yourself the next day. Some people just like sex. No commitment. No strings. So good for you if you’re being safe. As long as you mean it! Don’t say you don’t care if he calls, if you really do. Don’t say all you want is one night… if you want more. Girls think that if they keep having sex with someone (randomly)then eventually the guy will be with them. Guys are thinking how great it is that she wants to have sex and doesn’t expect anything else. When it doesn’t work out as the girl expects… she get mad, goes out, and finds someone else to sleep with. “That’ll show him.” The guy starts his search over at the next party. “What a deal.” The vicious cycle of the hook up. It’s hard for girls because if a guy doesn’t “choose her”, that would mean she’s not good enough (which isn’t true). For guys it’s all about making sure that if his friend hooked up with a hottie… his was hotter. Fun ,competetion, insecurity, call it what you will. Everyone is having one night stands. I wonder the same thing as you Alison. Are people really feeling better about themselves the next day? For all we know, they do. But… if you don’t feel better,try going home alone after a night of partying. Imagine not being affraid of who you’ll run into if you leave your dorm room for brunch. Imagine not having to avoid questions or glances.It’s a different experience. Maybe you’ll find it’s not for you. If you find you’re happier waking up to yet another boy/girl sneaking out before you notice… then cheers to you! Continue on as you were. I’m not judging. Just hoping that someone might read this and realize, maybe it’s not sex with random people that they’re missing out on. Maybe it’s something else. Be safe!