Overpricing Policy

Tis the season to get exploited again by the UVM bookstore, and their accomplices, the college textbook industry. Let’s not feel so bad, though. They’re also doing it to students all over the country. Why are they getting away with it? Because they know that their customers can’t do anything about it (alone, that is). Or maybe they just think that they can. The status quo here goes on and on, because there are profiteers who like it this way, and control the masses. Are textbooks really that expensive to make and sell? I don’t think so, though workers tell those of us who question it that there’s nothing they can do. No, they don’t want to do anything about it. But you and I can. Speak your mind without backing down to self-made authorities. There is nothing peaceful about change. I’d love to hear from you personally, Catamounts.