Parking restricted near Redstone campus

Faculty and staff showed up to their usual Wednesday parking spaces on a November morning   and were greeted with reserved signs.


Due to a resolution passed on Sep. 21 by the Public Works Commission, the parking spaces  between Henderson Terrace and Cliff Street on South Prospect Street are now reserved for residents.


This change has been in place since November.


Pete Diederich, senior academic services professional in the department of continuing education, said each house on this block has access to 10 additional street parking spots as well as private driveway parking.


“It’s unfair that residents now have domain over all the street parking as well as their own driveways and do not even appear to be using the street parking.” sophomore Miranda Zigler said.


Faculty and staff who once parked on South Prospect Street are now forced to pay for on-campus parking, which is .048 percent of the staff’s paycheck, Diedrich said.


The only alternative to paying for parking is to take the bus to work, which is not possible for all faculty and staff members, he said.


“In my opinion, the wording of the item as approved was misleading, and the policy change did not meet the guidelines of the recently adopted Residential Parking Plan,” Solveig Overby, a  Public Works Commission member, stated in an Nov. 11 email to Diedrich.


While it appeared that the entire section of South Prospect from Cliff Street to Henderson Terrace would be available for non-resident parking from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., only six parking spots were actually open for public use.


“I think some compromise should be reached between the residents and UVM,” sophomore Bridget Dews said. “UVM is part of the Burlington community and should have an equal say in these matters.”


No notice was given that this change was under petition or possible debate, Diederich said.


“I understand that residents want access to parking on their street,” sophomore Caroline Schryver said, “but warning should have been given to the entire community that this change was possible so those who opposed it could make their voices heard.”

The meeting at which this decision was made can be found at