Pass the note: The Teenagers are here

If you were thinking about it freshman year of high school, The Teenagers are singing about it on their debut album “Reality Check.” The synth band popped into the underground scene in France as a joke in 2005 (let their lurid lyrics do the explaining) but held their flame long enough to incite a four-alarm fire. More importantly – stay the high school mindset where popularity is paramount – they caught the attention of XL Recordings, the label responsible for Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” and recent successes Vampire Weekend and MIA.Not a single track breaches the four minute mark; despite their short lengths, this trio makes sure to squeeze a swear word infused verse, stuck-in-your-head-all-day chorus and digital kazoo solo into every melodramatic track. Most of the songs are composed with mocking, melancholy girl-vs.-boy dialogue soaring through angelic melodies. The first five songs on the album are the catchiest, with “Feeling Better” worthy of extra attention. It’s a self-righteous anthem promising good cheer to devout fans: “Take a pen. Write it down. I. Love. The. Teenagers.” Proclaiming “puberty” as a musical influence on their MySpace page, their album sheathes American youth culture like a responsible prom-goer. It’s as if The Teenagers watched “Sixteen Candles” and couldn’t stop laughing until they gave us a “Reality Check.” If the album didn’t sound like a shooting star skipping third period to make out with a rainbow behind the bleachers, I’d ask for a different reality.