Peeping Tom reported on Trinity

Students on Trinity Campus and residents from the nearby areas reported more than 10 incidents, since Oct. 4, in which a male subject has looked into windows of rooms or attempted to break into residences.Between Oct. 17 and Oct. 21, two incidences of the subject peeping into windows on Trinity Campus, as well as several reports of window screens having been tampered with, were reported. In an advisory from UVM Police e-mailed to students, the subject was said to be a male around college age with short dark hair, well-built and approximately six feet tall.On Oct. 21, Burlington police answered a report of unlawful entry, when a subject entered the apartment of four female college students at 4 a.m., but fled when the women awoke.That report, according to The Burlington Free Press, was from west of Trinity Campus, and the subject was said to be male, white and in his thirties.UVM police are asking students and residents to take extra precautions, as there have been so many reports of similar incidences over the past three weeks.In the e-mail advisory, UVM police said that students and area residents should lock doors and windows at all times, draw the shades at night and that college students should not admit unauthorized persons into the residence halls.