Pessimists are Losers

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain so much. I have been reading The Cynic for many years now and I am down-right fed-up with all of the complainers we have on campus. Is it really that hard to be happy with where you are and what you have? I mean, why the hell are you at UVM if you really hate it as much as you make it seem? It is people like you that make this place a negative environment. I would like to agree that I too get annoyed at my choice of college when it is still below zero in late February, but if I was as frustrated and pissed off as you negative little pricks I would have transfered after my freshman year instead of sticking around here just to complain about it.As for the money. If it really bothers you all that much that UVM is the highest priced state school around, do something about it. Talk to a Vermont states-person about why the prices are so high. Lobby and rally. Quit your bitching and apply for a scholarship/grant/loan…or better yet, go to CCV. Sure, it might not look as good on a resume, but at least you wouldn’t be paying as much for it and you wouldn’t be sitting on your tush while it is being “raped” by the prices here. (oh, and PS, buy your texts on, I spent $50 this semester instead of $475).When it comes to complaining about people who are activists on campus… At least these people are out in the community trying to make a difference, not writing complaints (which do not actually accomplish anything except for creating more negativity around the university) in to the opinion section of the Cynic. Who cares if the activists happen to be so-called “hippies” and they wear designer clothes while spreading their ideas to the campus? I say more power to them. Maybe if you care so much about how President Fogel is doing a “shitty job” and cutting down “all the trees on campus” you should try to do something about it. Get off your couch, or dorm bed, and join the SGA. If you don’t like the Food Services on campus, make your own damn food. I am sure the cafeteria folk wouldn’t mind it if they saw one less snotty, rich, mama’s-boy/girl every day.You people need to give it a rest with the hippy-hating. There are no hippies anymore (with the exception of my mom) these kids are just college stoners. They may share some of the same ideals or recreational pleasures as the hippies of the 70-80’s, but they will never be able to experience the same culture as the original hippies. There are plenty of people who do like UVM and I speak for them (and if nobody agrees with me, I speak for me) when I say: If you don’t like it here, leave. Bring your negativity to some other school, I certainly don’t need to hear anymore of it.