Pissed Off

The new Student Center in the entrance to Waterman certainly looks extravagant enough. Large flat-screen monitor. Italian marble countertops. I guess this is where my wildly expensive out-of-state tuition is goes. But that’s not what I’m pissed about. About a month ago, I gave the Student Center a request for copies of my transcript to be sent out to several scholarship funds. I filled out the necessary paperwork and specified that they needed to be sent out as soon as possible. The scholarship deadlines were not for a few more weeks, but I figured I would take care of it early. I left feeling fine, assured that my request would be handled properly. Wrong. I went back two weeks later, about a week before the deadline for the scholarships. I asked the young woman at the Student Center if they had sent my transcripts out. She searched the computer for a couple minutes. “Ummm, we don’t have any record of it. Ask the Registrar’s office.” Great. I walked down the hall to the man at the front desk of the Registrar’s office. He didn’t have anything on record, either. They asked me to fill out another form, but because I didn’t have the addresses with me, I walked back to my dorm room to get them. Infuriated, I called back with the information. “Oh, um, we found your request after you left,” they answered. “We’ll get them out as soon as possible.” Click. Well, as you can imagine, I was a little pissed. How do they just misplace a request? Isn’t it their job to take care of that stuff? If I hadn’t checked on it, I would’ve lost out on over $10,000 in potential scholarship money. But the worst part is, I was not apologized to once during the entire incident. Not once. So, I wrote letters of complaint via email to the Registrar’s office and to Dr. Fogel himself. Fogel responded a few days later with a generic, insincere apology, saying that he would, “look into the incident with the Registrar.” I knew damn well I wasn’t going to hear about it again. Fogel was just hoping his email would shut me up. As I expected, I still haven’t received an apology from the Registrar. Well, I didn’t shut up. I’m still pissed and waiting for an apology. It’s too bad that an office meant to serve and assist students could be so irresponsible. Maybe they should stop looking at their reflections in the marble countertops and get back to work.