Poison in our bodies

Vaccination law rhetoric is a tricky and slippery slope to navigate. But, there is one law in particular where I have no trouble finding my footing and expressing my discomfort. The law I’m talking about states, in short, that all children must be vaccinated against a multitude of things before they can be enrolled in public school. This is to protect them from all the things that will harm them besides the American public school system itself. All 50 states require at least a minimum of 10 vaccinations, but they all have religious exemptions, in addition to having medical “postponement,” according to the National Vaccine Information Center and the Center for Disease Control. Only 18 of those states allow someone to refuse the vaccine flat out. Vermont is one of them. Now this really isn’t an argument about the vaccines themselves as much as it is about what is in the vaccines, because I think staying disease free is the best thing in the world. With that said, contrary to the news currently spewing out of the American Political Machine’s mouth, in their hellacious attempt to control every aspect of our lives, a majority of vaccines we inject our children with – including the flu vaccine – are highly dosed with a preservative called Thimerosal. Don’t know anything about the stuff? Well, let’s do a crash course on Poisoning the Public 101. Thimerosal, by weight, is 50 percent mercury, which has been linked very closely to most learning disabilities, Autism included. Thimerosal serves no purpose other than to prolong the shelf life of a vaccine. This means that if America wasn’t so hell bent on making a buck and keeping everything for as long as possible so we can sell it, we could produce vaccines at par with what we need with no preservatives in them at all. By the way, inject this Thimerosal stuff directly into your body with no buffer, and your central nervous system will shut down and you’ll probably die. I find it deplorable that the FDA and EPA will warn us not to eat fish in mass quantity because it may contain mercury, which poses a health threat, but they have no problem injecting it directly into our bodies. It’s like the government telling us not to smoke, then turning around and asking us for a light. It makes as much sense as a bailout plan for corrupt, fraudulent executives or bombing for peace. So America, before I even think of putting something in my body that you deem is required by law, you better take those preservatives out of it first, and while you’re at it, get them out of my food, too.