Political Correctness at UVM

Mary Rowland and I must been attending two diffrent D’inesh DiSousa events last April 19. I attended the one where Mr. Di Sousa was repeatedly interrupted and badgered by numerous Self-Righteous, Snotty, Leftist America-Haters and Bush Bashers. Many of them must have been carrying snakes in their drawers because I heard plenty of hissing noises whenever DiSousa made a comment they didn’t like. The atmosphere was rather poisonous for free speech, but that what happens when certain people think they’re the only ones entitled to it. Or maybe I could be talking about a different Mary Rowland. Not the Mary Rowland who whines about diversity(only diversity of color and sexual perversion, not political opinion!), but the Mary Rowland who may have been in attendance March 31, when I attempted to exercise some civil disobedience at a meeting promoting “gay” marraige. Where was she when thugs surrounded me and threatened to phyiscally eject me from the meeting(and be assured it would have taken a lot of them to accomplish that!)merely for offering to translate for the audience the incoherent utterances of one of the featured speakers, Peggy Luhrs. Maybe she was one of the ones who were actually encouraging the thugs to put their hands on me! I guess Martin Luther’s famous dictum didn’t apply then, but then you should know by now how selective Leftists are when it comes to freedom of speech.So will the real Mary Howland please step up- The self-righteous-Freedom-to-speak-(as long as I agree with it!)sniveling whiner, or the hypocritical Only-us-Leftists-have-the right-to-protest meetings (get this Mr. Happy guy out of our meeting!) totalitarian Because I want to tell her and her ISO Muslim Terrorist loving friends I intend to continue exercising my freedom of speech, no matter how racist and bigoted they think I am, so let them try to stop me.