Power shift in the SGA

Kofi Mensah sent out his last email to students as president of the Student Government Association on April 12. Julian Golfarini and William Vitagliano were sworn into office as president and vice president of the SGA at the SGA meeting April 12, according to an email from Mensah. “Thank you to the student body for supporting our campaign and our vision,” Vitagliano said. Golfarini said that he and Vitagliano have a few ideas to help them better represent the student body. A Twitter account will be made so that students can comment or ask questions about SGA matters, he said. “If we are meeting with [President Daniel Mark Fogel], we will post it,” Golfarini said. “And someone if someone has a question for him, we will ask it.” A Facebook page will be created for each the government’s committees so students can connect better with senators, he said. “We want to make sure that what we are doing reflects what the students want,” Golfarini said. “We want to be approachable.”